Doom Dossier: Volume 5!


Hello human, and welcome to the Doom Dossier for Doom Patrol Volume 5 - covering all 22 issues of this volume. This dossier will provide you with the ability to hear my humans Mike and Paul discuss Volume 5 in chronological order - simply click on one of the episode titles listed and you will be taken to that episode. You're welcome, humans. 

Just be aware that this dossier is fairly light in content - AT THIS STAGE - because my humans won’t get to covering this volume until mid-2019.

This volume presents us with a sort-of-return-to-the-status-quo, with the Patrol being brought back into the DCU proper after the events of the …event.. known as 52. Now The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl (Elasti-Woman?), and Negative Man find themselves based on Oolong Island, under the watchful eye of Veronica Cale.