The Doom Patrol television show uses so many great characters, concepts and events from the comics. We thought it would be fun to anticipate them by creating these bingo cards. We will mark the cards as the show airs and once a row is fully crossed (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) we will have ‘BINGO’. These were created around episode 7, wish we’d thought of them before then!

See how we did as season 1 aired!

15/4/19 Updated with Episode 8 - Jane Patrol (The Well, Black Annis)

23/4/19 Updated with Episode 9 - Hair Patrol (Beardhunter)

13/5/19 Updated with Episode 12 - Cyborg Patrol & Episode 13 - Flex Patrol (Flex Mentallo, Negative Energy Trapped)

20/5/19 Updated with Episode 14 - Penultimate Patrol (Rog)

29/05/19 Updated with Episode 15 - Ezekiel Patrol (Tiny Rita, Danny the Brick, Dorothy Spinner)