Waiting for Doom was created in late 2014 after 2 obsessive Doom Patrol fans realised (possibly incorrectly) that the world needed more discussion regarding their all time favourite superhero team. Specifically, from the two of them. Egos, am I right? 

Some helpful starting points for you:

  • If you are brand new to the wonderful weirdness of the Doom Patrol, we suggest you check out Episode 62 (dP 101 - Introduction to Patrology).

  • For a more up to date introduction with the inclusion of Volume 6 and the upcoming TV show, check out Episode 135 (Welcome to Doom-Thousand-Nineteen).

  • If you would like to focus on a particular volume of the Patrol, visit the Doom Dossiers page, and you can read along with Mike and Paul in chronological order!

Mike lives in Brisbane, and has had an on-again, off-again love affair with comics for 95% of his life.

Paul lives in Laggan and tempers his encyclopedic knowledge of comics creators, and DC Comics in general, with biting sarcasm.

Both of them fear the arrival of the Beardhunter, given their combined facial hair (yes, that is pre-beard Mike in the photo).

Waiting For Doom would also not be possible without the support of our fellow Doom Bros: Jeames aka Rifty who provides technical support; and Doug Zawisza, who provides additional Doom Patrol history and commentary both here and on his own site, mygreatestadventure80.blogspot.com .

Mike and Paul have the reluctant support of WilFreD, the sentient show Twitter account which gained self-awareness in early 2015. WilFreD lurks around this site so be careful of participating in inflammatory anti-AI sentiments lest we all suffer his wrath.