Doom Dossier: Volume 2! Part 1!


Hello human, and welcome to the first part of the Doom Dossiers for Doom Patrol Volume 2 - covering issue 1 through 18 of this volume. This dossier will provide you with the ability to hear my humans Mike and Paul discuss Volume 2 in (mostly*) chronological order. Simply click on one of the episode titles listed and you will be taken to that episode. You're welcome, humans. 

This is the volume that first introduced us to an all new version of our favourite super team of misfits: Robotman is now joined by Celsius, Tempest, and Negative Woman. Our very special guest featured in this dossier is none other than Paul Kupperberg himself 

*Geniuses that my humans are, they started their coverage of volume 2 with Grant Morrison’s first issue - which was issue 19 - and then circled back later to cover issues 1-18, written by Paul Kupperberg. Because, humans.